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Reading Photographs

Advertising photo by Pascal Kamber for "Fooby", the culinary platform of Coop, one of the two largest retailers in Switzerland ( The picture conveys the following messages to me:

  • Fresh (all products visible in the picture are fresh or processed from fresh products).

  • Sustainable (all materials used are sustainable).

  • Homemade.

  • Simple but of good quality (few ingredients; easy to make yourself, even the mess is kept within limits; all products and materials visible in the photo are top-notch).

  • Retro-inspired (evokes grandmother's recipe).

  • The lighting, the subtle reflections on the bottle, the shallow depth of field, the dark stone ... imply a large room ... and somehow a feeling of freedom and lightness, and a longing for "italianità".

The photo inspires me to cook a simple meal with the best ingredients.

Reflection: What factors influence how you might read and interpret photographs. Think about:

  • Your family and social background and your heritage.

  • Your upbringing, values and education.

  • The kind of art you were exposed to and at what points in your life.

  • The literature and philosophical and/or political ideas you have been exposed to.

  • Significant changes or events in your life that might have shifted your perspective when it comes to ‘decoding’ images.

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