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Methods and Meaning

Task: Post an image that you think is an example of a good use of a photographic ‘faux pas’ or what we might traditionally think of as a ‘mistake’. This might be a ‘happy accident’ or it could be when someone has deliberately subverted, or broken, the technical rules of photography. It could be one of your own images or a picture taken by someone else. Be sure to include your source.

I love the "fotografias imperfectas" of Maria Tudela. With her approach, she wants the viewers not to be distracted in one detail, she wants them to contemplate the whole image and to challenge them to read it as a whole.


  • What methods and methodologies have you consciously applied in your practice to date to communicate a concept or an intended meaning?

  • Can you identify and describe methods in your practice that convey meaning, which you might not have intended at the time?

  • Have any of the practitioners you looked at this week (including your peers) given you any inspiration for strategies or methods you might ‘impose’ upon yourself to expand the creative possibilities of your own work?

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