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As a Geographer, I use photography to playfully (de-)construct urban spaces, to spatially re-stage urban contexts, and to play with our perception of space and reality. 

I exploit the geometry of the built urban environment, and I play with perspectives and angles to create a sense of direction and an impression of depth. I use the design element of reproduction, reiteration and repetition -- created by experimenting with long shutter speeds and several zoom settings or camera positions in one exposure -- to “compress space” and remove all context and sense of scale. The thus created compositions become like another world where subjects merge and transform to become new geometric structures. This procedure creates a moment of irritation, but also conveys a sense of calmness in the chaos, and transfers the scene into a transitional world somewhere between reality and dream. 

I transform common scenes into geometric, abstract dimensions that produce new and unexpected perspectives. With this work, I hope to evoke ideas around vantage point, perception, and imagination.

daria martinoni

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