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Interdisciplinary Practice

To date I have dealt with the depiction and (de-)construction of space and spatial structures and with our perception of spatial realities. One artist I am very interested in is Jennifer Williams. Her sculptural installations transform space through the use of large-scale, multi-layered, photographic compositions, creating dizzying, immersive representations of change. The work crawls across walls, floors and ceilings, describing the physicality of change at a gut level. Describing neighbourhoods overrun with new construction, it shows both the monumental scale of rising capitalist interests and the shrinking perspective of the individual citizen.


  • Other than photography, what art forms and creative media do you take inspiration from?

  • How have you directly drawn from non-photographic disciplines to develop your practice?

  • How would you describe the distinctive, essential qualities of photography? Are any of these characteristics the reason for you choosing it as your means of expression?

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