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Mirrors and Windows

I chose an image I made in the summer of 2018 to reflect on the analogy of "window" (as it appeals to me more than the analogy of "mirror").

What speaks to me is that the window always marks a boundary (separating or connecting) between (at least) two worlds: Inside and outside; on this side and on the other side of the window, light and dark, etc. Inherent in the concept of the window is the idea that there are always (at least) two views or perspectives on everything. Together with the design element of "reflection", the window lends itself to playing and working with the relativity of the point of view.

I also like the idea of the window as a symbol of longing (in this case, longing for the lightness of summer) or as a means of constructing an image within the image; I like to play with layers, reiterations, reproductions, and reverberations.


  • What do you make of the ‘mirror’ and ‘window’ analogy? How helpful is this in understanding the nature of photography?

  • As an image maker, do you identify more closely with one or the other?

  • What other metaphors do you know of, or can think of, that provide an insight into photography?

  • What is your motivation for photography? What do you want to learn about and how can photography help you get a greater understanding of it?


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